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Lasell University

Bridging the Diversity Gap in Education

Imagine a classroom in Massachusetts where diverse students can see themselves in their teachers. Consider the opportunities in this fertile learning environment where diverse educators and mentors can relate to their students’ lives and experience.

Mentoring Topics

With leadership from the PTD Director, college education majors leverage their personal backgrounds and professional experiences as pre-service educators, PTD mentors developed all topics and curriculum for the PTD program, which includes the following topics:

Living On and Off-campus

Henry Santana, a junior at Lasell, talks about what it’s like living on or off-campus.


What is a Work-study and How Do You Get It

Jasmine explains what a work study is and how to get one.


The Reality of Teaching

What’s it really like to teach? Amanda explains.


What Can I Do to Prepare for College

Corinne Palmer explains some of the things you can be doing now to get ready for college.


What Are Education Classes in College Like?

Alex looks at education courses and curriculum from the students perspective.